(June 2-4, 2023)


The Troop headed up to Vulcan, MI for some awesome whitewater rafting on the Menominee River!


We camped at ____ which was close (nice!) and had plenty of mosquitos (not nice!). 


Saturday the Scouts rafted on the Menominee River at Pier’s Gorge. The first part of the float was safey (never stand up in a river!) and some king-of-the-raft battles. After that both raft crews showed their skill by bombing down and through the rapids, safe and just a bit wet.


Afterwards we checked out Big John’s Iron Mine. We rode a train into the mine, then climbed off to explore the tunnels where past worker’s had delved using manual tools and explosives. Sometimes open, often narrow, the tunnels led on to….well, if you want to see what is at the end, you probably have to go there yourself 😉 On the way out, we had plenty of time to check out the wild assorment of rocks and stuff at “the largest rock shop in Upper Michigan.”


Our dinner plans went awry when the sandwich shop unexpectedly closed! Plan B was to grab dinner elsewhere in town and head to nearby Lake Antoine Park for a picnic, sandcastles, and exploring the park a bit. On the way back to camp the Scouts climbed up to see Norway Spring but did get caught out in the rain a bit!


That night at camp we got an extra sweet treat by churning our own ice cream to go alongside Dutch oven cherry cobbler.big john